About Us

Shiwakoti bag industry Pvt Ltd. has been a well-known manufacturer and retailer for a wide variety of bags.We are a family run company, operated by the Shiwakoti family hence the name. Our manufacturing company was established in November of 2000. Throughout our 17 years of establishment, we have built a respectable reputation amongst the industry field, and we strive to uphold this proud history of ours and continue to provide our customers with excellent services and experiences. We are headquartered in Kathmandu's major industrial district that is also attached to our one refined showroom to display our products, which is located in prominent commercial area of Kathmandu; Maitidevi. Likewise, we have two factories;

  1. Maitidevi, Kathmandu, Nepal- Shiwakoti Bag Industry Pvt, Ltd.
    Registered with VAT 301883263, and licensed under “Cottage Industry” sector of Nepal.
  2. Chembur, Mumbai, India.- Registered in the “Commerce” sector.

We are mostly an OEM manufacturer, and customers can refer to us for design modifications and ideas. Backed by our strong design team, we do also provide development of designs with computerized graphic designs and hand drawings for customers' choosing. We can produce various kinds of bags such as fashion bags, cosmetic bags, sports bags, ski bags, backpacks, trolley bags, cooler bags, premium items etc. Major type of materials used in our bags are Polyester, Nylon, Canvas, PVC and PU, however our customers can bring or suggest the material they would like to put in their product, materials like leather and glass.

We are proud to announce that today, after 17 years of hard work we are a leading industry name. We are the official supplier of bags of all kinds to prominent colleges, schools, NGOs, INGOs and government sectors of Nepal. Furthermore, our products flood the retail and wholesale markets, for customers throughout Nepal; from Birgunj to Kathmandu, and Pokhara to Nepalgunj


Our company; Shiwakoti bag industry, much like many other success stories come from humble beginnings. It begins in 1994 when one of our founders, Mr. Sudharshan came to Kathmandu with hopes of better future and started working as a salesman for a bag shop in Sundhara. He was a door to door salesman who hung the bags he had to sell on his cycle. He worked for the bag shop,7 days a week to just to make a basic living. Mr Sudharshan came from Bhadauri, Dolkha- his family home. The eldest among of three brothers and one sister, their mother tragically passed away when Mr. Sudharshan, was just 13 years old. They were farmers, but unfortunately life was in poverty as their vast stretch of land was not capable of yielding much grain or other farm products for them to sell, and at time even for them to eat. Due to these circumstances life was hard for the Shiwakoti family.

Mr Sudharshan, after completing his 10th grade came to Kathmandu with his SLC degree to find decent work hoping to help his family back home. After years of hard work, dedication and understanding of the business, Shiwakoti bag industry was officially initiated in November of 2000. At the start of its career the company was a small scale production house supplying to retail and wholesale units in Sundhara region of Kathmandu. Later, after bringing his brother Mr Khadananda into the business they upgraded to a bigger production scale. Mr. Khadananda was well versed in the production process of bags and similar products; he was a driving force in bringing the company into large scale production industry.

In March of 2005 Siwakoti bag industry shifted its production house into a larger factory equipped with modern machinery and capable of producing a lot more quality products. The factory is located in Maitidevi, where a lot of production is done till today. Since 2005 Shiwakoti bags have garnered a very good reputation for themselves. Considering their service after sales policy is one of the best available in Nepal, their clients stuck to them and added more customers to their roster. Then finally in 2013 Siwakoti bag industry added another factory to its chain. Orders and queries were so high that they needed an even bigger production house, this time Siwakoti bags grew bold and decided to build a factory in Bombay, India; since they were already importing accessories form India, it only made sense to be closer to the suppliers. This project was spear headed by the youngest brother Mr. Ram who looks after the factory.TodayShiwakoti bag industry operates from 2 major factories, 1 retail and their headquarter in Maitidevi.


Mr. Sudharshan Shiwakoti

Mr. Sudharshan is the official founder of Shiwakoti bag industry. He is the eldest among the three brothers, who ran the company and is the expert behind the production and marketing of the company. He has a high school degree from HSEB which he earned in 1996 and went straight towards his dream of running his own company after achieving his certification. His background of work, since he started working has always been related to bags; from selling to manufacturing, he has an in-depth understanding of production and marketing of commercial bags. He became a member of NBMA (Nepal Bag Manufacturer Association) in 2004, also registering his company to the association in the same year. Today his position in Shiwakoti bag industry is its Managing Director.

He is also an avid traveller, travelling for work and leisure. He says travelling is the greatest teacher of all, especially when you are a business man and very much interested in marketing your products. Apart from being a bona fide business man and a connoisseur of the commercial bag industry in Nepal, it is no surprise that he is also a very good chess player.

Mr. Khadananda Shiwakoti

Before inaugurating the company, Mr. Sudharshan invited his younger brother to join him for work in Kathmandu. Mr. Khadananda allied with his elder brother in 1997 after completing his S.L.C. from his village. Together they worked for the bag shop in Sundhara but at the same time Mr. Khadananda passionately started learning the manufacturing process of the bags they were selling and making. Later after achieving his high school degree in 1999, he and his elder brother started working towards establishing their own production house. Just like his elder brother his background in work has always been with selling and making commercial bags since the very beginning. Today, Mr. Khadananda looks after all the manufacturing processes and essentials for the Maitidevi factory. He knows every nooks and crannies when it comes to making bags, therefore manufacturing was undoubtedly his responsibility.

Besides work, Mr Khadananda plays the Sarangi and Madal very well. He is known to be a fervent singer and is always the “life of the party” whenever there is fun and frolics.

Mr. Ram Shiwakoti

Mr. Ram is youngest among the three brothers. After completing his S.L.C. in 2003 he came to Kathmandu for further studies and quickly took up a part time job in order to support his daily spending. He worked a number of jobs during his high school; from being a waiter to delivery. After finishing his high school degree in 2005 he joined his brother in their factory and started working there. He learned all the necessary skills and knowledge about the bag industry, finally in 2009 he decided to go to India for his under graduation degree. While studying he had to work there too and eventually ended up in a bag production house. He slowly started missing his classes and went to college less frequently. He says it was a hard choice but finally he decided to stick to his work. From that point on he started to build a career for himself in the bag industry of India. In September 2012 he was presented with an opportunity to purchase an old shoe factory in Chembur, Mumbai. He convinced his brothers in Nepal to buy the property and set up a factory for Shiwakoti bag industry since materials were cheaper and easier to come by as compared to Nepal. Mr. Ram conducted the refurbishment of the new factory; equipped with modern machinery and apparatus, it was capable of producing a lot more than the factory in Nepal. Today Mr. Ram Shiwakoti is the director and proprietor of Shiwakoti bag factory in Mumbai. Mr. Ram is also known to be a more than satisfactory painter.